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    Vending Oppertunity

    bonus01 Newbie
      I need a little help, our business has a chance at expanding into a small vending company. The product is an energy chew and our profit margin is 277%, cost is about .15 each and they sell for .50 each. Anyways we are in need of about $12,000 of working capital, we do have a couple of gas credit cards in the busines name but thats about it and due to medical problems our credit record isnt to good so what would be the best way for us to get the capital we need in the shortest amount of time? Thank you Patrick
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          01, Welcome to this web site. Tell me more.
          Who are you, Where are you??
          What kind of business are you?? Vending??
          How long have you been in business??
          How Long will you need the funds for??
          And How will I get repaid??
          Where do you want me to mail the check to??
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              bonus01 Newbie
              Thank you for your reply. Our business is in the transportation indust, thats a nice way of saying a truck driver, but had to stop driving truck due to medical problems. We are in Mo, do you know where Branson, Mo is located? We are close to there, we have been in business for about 5 years now but just went to an LLC about 2 years ago. As far as the term of the loan we were thinking in the 24 month area or so, not to long of a time period, we would like to get it paid back asap. We would be willing to make monthly payments if that would work for you but are open for comments. Like I said we have some gas credit cards but thats about it, no one seems to wanna help us because we dont have alot of business credit, but then again no one wants to give us the ability to get business credit, kinda a catch 22. Anyways thank you for the reply and I look forward to hearing back from you. Patrick S
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              TJMorehead Adventurer
              Hello Patrick,

              There is a program called the Community Express Loan Program where you can apply for start-up or expansion capital. This program is a no to low doc loan. Refer to my blog page for more information about it and reference my SBOC Profile for other financing programs offered by my company.

              Feel free to email me as well at

              Warm regards,
              TJ Morehead