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    LUCKIEST Guide

      Hello and happy Tuesday!

      Have you noticed something about the rules for making websites?

      Mostly there are no rules. It’s your jam. Your story, your message, your archetype.

      Some people have a home page with a big splashy photo of themselves and a manicured finger pointing to a lead magnet.

      Some show up dressed for a wedding; some wear ripped jeans. Some open with a lead magnet; some feature a killer headline and

      no lead magnet; and some don’t have a home page at all. So it’s easier to write your own website, right?

      Actually it’s *more* challenging, especially if you’ve got a business to run. You can run with a Wordpress template when you need design.

      But you’ve got to write the content for your 4 big pages — home, about, services and contact.

      Good copywriting doesn’t start with a template. It starts with you and your story.

      Good Luck