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    Local Business Marketing Strategies

    bigron57 Wayfarer

      I'm trying to decide if I should put my money into google ads, or facebook ads. My inbox got pummeled with emails about this workshop this morning and it seems alright -


      Would love to hear thoughts about it, and what people think is better, facebook ads, or google ads. What get's you the best returns?

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          richardalex866 Adventurer

          Google ads is expensive, if your budget is enough, you can try Google. Facebook ads is cheaper, however effect is not good as google ads becasue most of the google users are ready buyers, however facebook users are mostly browsers.

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            norahensley Newbie

            Hi bigron,


            Can't say anything about this service but I should agree with Richard - Google ads are really expensive and noneffective at the beginning. Try to understand where is the word of mouth business coming from? It purely depends on nature of your business, but sometimes even local newspaper might work more effective. Neighbors? Friends? Or locals in general?


            In our case, most of our authors - me included - started as local journalists, we all worked in newspapers and/or magazines. As we are all gardeners, we created the Facebook group first (so our readers and fans could follow us here and ask their questions), started providing consulting services and because of that used FB ads, then switched completely to our own blog -
            Both channels are still working for our offline office (but not now, as we are all self-quarantined).


            Might be harder if your business is really competitive, but it worked well for us.


            - Norah

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              chrismarklee Scout

              I do Income Taxes for locals. I target locals by building relationships with Facebook locals. This has been very effective for me.




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