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    Hello From Rob

    robscheibe303 Newbie

      Hey everyone!


      I had no clue there was such a large community of entrepreneurs, so I'm quite excited about being here.


      My name is Rob Scheibe, my business is Rob Scheibe Insurance, I own an independent insurance agency and we help Colorado residents get the types of insurance they need.


      I spent most of my career in corporate America (20 years) and around 2 years ago, I made the leap to start an insurance agency.


      I've met a lot of amazing people in that span, we're growing as a company and it's been amazing. We've had our share of ups and downs, but you experience that in growth.


      I joined here because I feel we can learn from one another a lot. That's not just business but life too. I enjoy making new friends and really looking forward to this part of the journey.


      Wish all of you the best, can't wait to meet you all and look forward to it all!


      A Lesson I've Learned: Surround yourself with incredible people, great things will happen.