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    Searching and starting new business prospects

    Mudialamir Wayfarer
      Dear All,

      Owning my own business has been a passion and a childhood dream.

      I've had great business ideas, when i talk to friends, i hear naaaaaaa, that won't work out, and a few months later, same company name i had suggested pops up, and other people do the business. (Nothing to do with the people i had asked for advice.)

      What I need to know is how do present and sell my ideas, do i need a business plan, business proposal, what are the steps i need to take. I know i need a website, best solutions building a site, helllllllllllp!

      I have brilliant ideas that have worked for others, I have a people asset, i have a very big business contacts throughout the Middle East, East Africa and some in the US, Europe, Asia.

      I need to build small business contacts. I'm searching for small companies who are looking for representatives, distributors, franchise, commission agency; in this oil rich, lucrative region.

      Should you have any quieries, tips or business proposals please do not hesitate to contact me at