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    new happenings in San Francisco

    boss_hegedus Newbie
      Hey I recently joined and this is my first post. I just moved to San Francisco from San Antonio, and Im thinking about the possibility of opening a video arcade in SF. There is not one in the whole city; according to my research. The I called the oldest arcade in Marin county,, and I spoke to the owner over the phone and he was willing to be a consultant on the matter. I also went to bank of America in the Financial dist. and spoke to the Senior Financial Advisor there. He and I had alot in common and he was saying hes eager to be my personal advisor, we even exchanged personal numbers.

      Im 19 years old and I just moved here 2 1/2 months ago from my parents house in SA. I have a full time job at Whole Foods Market, so I make enough to survive (FYI: my rent on my tiny studio is 1150) but not enough to save. Whats the deal with loans?

      Im ignorant to so much, so please give any advice or constructive criticism yall can!