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      Each time you climb a mountain; it's just a different mountain. I've moved so often I lost count, yet each time I learn something new.

      This time I've learned that it's critical to get a LOT of information. When you feel stuck, keep searching for answers and then search some more.

      The first three real estate people I met warned me I'd never find a place with my requirements, including pets, and helpfully added

      that I couldn't sell my current place either. I was ready to give up when I found someone who said, "Where'd you hear that? I've got lots of options for you."

      As I'm going through this process, I can't help drawing parallels with the way I work with clients in my own business.

      A lot of my clients come to me after they've been told their dreams aren't realistic, or they'll never get their copywriting done

      unless they spend four or even five figures on a simple project. Or they must find a soul-baring, tear-jerking story if they want to succeed.

      To respond, I will draw on an old-fashioned word that captures my sentiments perfectly (not to mention allows this message to go through the filters):