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    Is P&G Brand Mr. Clean Home Pro Anti Bacterial Cleaner with Summer Citrus Container Model Needs to be Upgraded?.

    safekeeper Wayfarer

      Mr. Clean container brand is very popular but How come it became Mr. Clean when in fact you see them garbage thrown everywhere by consumers after the content where utilized?. The answer must be yes too in connection with Unilever product sample upgrade.The container is very different in the history of P&G where the minimum proposal is 4 liters square type with smartphone attach placement compartment.The model proposal is equip with GPS microchip where it tracks down every refill process.Also the name of buyer,address,social security system is registered into it(plus more room for data extension info). The idea is not to throw the container when content fluid cleaner is depleted.Refill policy program for all products of detergent cleaner models.The target is zero garbage record for all P&G products made.Consumers who bought it will not throw it for its better to keep it than to throw it for its continues to be useful in the eyes of consumers.All P&G staff will be tracking the products made by them for proper return to buyers when the items where thrown intentionally or unintentionally.(To be cont. for proper update).I worked with Unilever Network Philippines where my I.D is PHP0910376.I made recommendation too for product innovation.I wanted to build a store model mobile for local and international for marketing for prototype model products made by me.I need more finance budget loan program for me to complete projects available on demands.