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    what do you think about my company?

    SchoolEstores Wayfarer

      I have created a Online School Store for High Schools and Youth Groups. Everything that is sold has a donation built in and that is given back to the school. We have also teamed up with Publix and Mayfield foods to give away scholarships on the website (4000 every year!) I am looking to take this accross the US. I need local reps to run the stores in there area. How can I find good reps? Go to for more information.


      Athletic Fundraising Stores is a very simple concept. All schools and recreational parks suffer from the same problem - there is always a shortage of money for the youth programs; including sports, DECA, fine arts, school trips, etc. Currently, we feel that e-commerce and marketing your school's logo merchandise on-line is the easiest and fastest way of increasing the amount of available funds to your school or organization. We raise money for you 24/7 while you run your own sports programs (whether a school or a recreational park).We provide you with a turnkey profit maker with no risk, no inventory, no computer requirements, and the ability to make money for your sports program, school, or recreational facility. Let us build your School or organazition today! Add income into your programs. No risk. No financial commitment. No hassles! Earn money 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Athletic Fundraising Stores handles 100% of your program. This includes: Driving traffic to your website. Merchandising the store. Promoting the store We supply you a monthly check for your own e-commerce website!