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    Is there a need for Aviance homecare products container to innovate?.

    safekeeper Wayfarer

      The answer should be yes.I will be siting one example,Malaysian homepage web Unilever Network.LeverHome Dishwash,the way I looked at it must have a security features that it didn't happen in the history of Aviance(Unilever) to be installed with ownership microchip tracking device.The propose model would mean tracking every refill time schedule when the container is already depleted.Also too,it tracks down the address mobile location of the owner who bought it.Wherever the product is,there the owner is.More security features too will be mention later.The idea is to let the product be with you all the time by not throwing it away as garbage when content is already depleted.Refill policy programs for all Unilever products to reduce recycling costs as well as invironmental damage for all products consume by buyers.(to be cont.)