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    11 Full-Stack CRM Tools to Streamline Your Marketing and Skyrocket Your Sales

    ritzparker Scout

      Every business strives for more exposure, increase in sales and a bigger customer base. However, business-growth demands sophisticated organizational skills and a lot of automated processes within the business. As a busy digital marketer, this is where Customer Relationship Management software comes to your aid.


      When it comes to cherry-picking a CRM tool, every agency has its own unique needs. If you are looking for a new CRM software or setting up for the first time, the purchase of a CRM is not a decision to be taken lightly. Once you have your list of requirements and budget in mind, it’s time to test the best CRM software available in the market.


      We are here to help you with the top 11 CRM tools that will assist you to streamline your marketing and sales processes.


      So, without any further ado let’s get started!


      HubSpot CRM


      HubSpot CRM is known as one of the best free CRM software which is very popular among digital marketers. This CRM tool is easy to use and offers an inbuilt sales and marketing service tool. It helps your team to increase productivity and improve customer experience.


      The software includes all the basic features provided by full-stack CRM software. It allows you to track your company’s activities including assigning and tracking deals, managing contacts, and company profiles, and handling all the important data in a detailed dashboard.



      • End-to-end sales pipeline management
      • Applicable across all your sales channels
      • Unlimited storage and contacts in your database
      • Neat organization and management of your leads
      • Personalized requests, sequences, and email templates
      • Integration with products like Pipedrive CRM, Bigcommerce, Google Chrome, Google Dynamics, Dropbox and many more




      Pipedrive is a sales focused CRM tool that let marketers manage leads and customers. It integrates with several third-party emails and other tools like Outlook, Gmail, Google Maps, Trello, and Zapier.


      Pipedrive is best known for automated sales activities with long-term missions. It offers accurate reporting and analytics, sales forecasting. It works with a wide variety of leading service providers to help you achieve more in less time.



      • Customizable web forms for lead collection
      • Effective management of direct sales
      • Emails, calls, and progress are tracked automatically
      • Activity scheduler for your events and meetings
      • Detailed analytics and reporting
      • Marketing automation integration
      • Available in multiple languages


      Zoho CRM


      Zoho CRM helps you to improve your selling strategies and engage with potential buyers across different interactive channels. It guarantees ease of use and works with multiple own and third-party apps and systems.


      Zoho CRM not only helps you to streamline your communication with clients but also understands the different metrics and data you're collecting. It pulls off customers' engagement reports and lets you decide how to use those data across the organization.



      • Accurate revenue forecasts based on current performance
      • Targeting and re-engaging inactive leads
      • Makes your products and services visible on all leading social networks
      • Zoho CRM tool comes with a mobile app to support a sales team on the move




      Insightly is one of the top-rated CRM solutions for building stronger customer relationships and exceeding customer expectations. It works ideally for social-friendly sales teams and creative companies to accelerate sales and enhance project delivery across every channel.


      Insightly has in-built project management tools and integration capabilities with third-party apps like MailChimp. It offers an intuitive user interface and many customization opportunities.



      • Active customer engagement on all stages
      • Social media-friendly platform
      • Overall views of your business activities
      • Compact customer profiles
      • Task management and tracking




      Salesforce is another software-suite which comes with a dedicated CRM package that dominates a large portion of the market. It provides a variety of unique services such as marketing automation, lead management, and team management combined with sales-data control.



      • Active generation of quality leads
      • Customizable business processes
      • Detailed analytics & reporting
      • Dedicated apps for Android and iOS to engage customers on the go




      Nutshell CRM comes with simple, accessible, and delightful user experience. It maintains your daily workflow by keeping everything in one place. For sales teams, Nutshell promises to improve their selling-techniques, team collaboration, and the overall sales process with a variety of powerful tools.


      Nutshell is powered by an automation engine. It assists your team in performing everyday tasks - such as designing workflows, going through sales processes, qualifying prospects, specifying actions, doing follow-ups, pursuing leads, and closing the sale.



      • Lead relationships management
      • Performance tracking & reporting
      • Sales analytics
      • Multi-channel customer support
      • Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices




      Nimble CRM is a great CRM software for those who are looking to combine contacts, email and social media interactions in one place. The tool offers a simple interface, provides a to-do list, and shows you top deals and more.


      It is designed with the idea of providing complete transparency on how your contacts are managed. You will be able to turn the right prospects at the right time and follow up with them at ease.



      • Detailed contact records without manual data entry
      • Touch reminders to ensure that you never miss an important opportunity
      • Automated identification of key contacts
      • Social business insights




      Apptivo is a simple and well-structured CRM system that specializes in opportunity management. Using Apptivo, you can see a visual pipeline of all incoming deals and instantly focus on your most important prospects.


      This web-based CRM tool provides you with features like finance management, project tracking, customer relations, etc. It is compatible with Google apps and lets you pick and choose the functions your business truly needs.



      • Capturing web leads and converting opportunities
      • Unlimited custom fields
      • Built-in apps for extra functionality
      • Restriction-free customer management



      Hatchbuck is a marketing automation CRM platform built specifically for the needs of small businesses and agencies. With customizable lead scoring capabilities, email marketing automation, and tracking tools, Hatchbuck makes it simple to manage leads and grow sales.



      • Marketing automation
      • Drag & drop form builder
      • Email autoresponder
      • Real-time sales alerts
      • Track deals pipeline
      • Collect new contacts with online forms




      Podio is another popular CRM software that helps teams to communicate and organize things to facilitate the completion of tasks and projects. Whether you’re working on a project or following up and closing a sales lead, you get everything related to the task at hand with less distraction and more clarity.


      With Podio, communication is closely tracked and organized. If you need an urgent message from a member or simply want to share information, Podio puts all your conversations in one place for easy monitoring.



      • Automated workflows
      • Integrated chat
      • Data visualization
      • Social collaboration
      • Personal dashboards
      • Full customization
      • Web and mobile compatible




      Freshsales is one of the most preferred sales-centered CRMs and a well-known Freshworks productivity suite. Users particularly like its intuitive interface, AI-based lead scoring, activity and behavior-based capturing, and other unique features.



      • End-to-end email tracking and management
      • Advanced contact segmentation
      • A complete overview of all customer details
      • Drag-and-drop sales management
      • Detailed analytics and reporting


      Wrapping Up


      Now you have plenty of options in terms of CRM software and it’s time to start assessing. As we mentioned in this article, integration options are available with most of these CRM tools that help you to combine your present toolkit rather than having to import data manually.