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    To retail owners-need a retail merchandising consultant?

    JDecker Wayfarer
      At the suggestion of a fellow poster here, I'm seeing if my services would be beneficial and would be sought out for by small retail owners, at a bricks-and-mortar and internet website level.

      Have you been looking for new ways and new strategies to display your products, maximize your sales per square foot/per click in innovating and unique ways? In the growing and ever-competitive environment that is the retail industry, finding that unique and creative way to display, promote your products and show them off will continue to be critical to acheive a substantial competitive advantage, especially against the larger retailers, as merchandising continues to be grayed out among the large retailers.

      With a four year degree specializing in retail and marketing, as well as over four years working at a Fortune 500 company, driving thousands of dollars in new revenue as a result of my ideas and creative ways to display and promote products, I've been considering going out and opening up business for myself, taking my abilities and talents to smaller retail owners constantly looking for that competitive advantage over their competitors as well as those who are always looking for ways to give their customers a unique experience that will cause them to come back for more.

      If you are looking for or are interested in this kind of service, please email me at, message me here, or simply post a response.