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    Legal services for Businesses

    newbiz_2 Wayfarer
      I posted this on another thread because someone is looking for legal advice. No, I do not work for this firm. LOL


      They offer what is called a "General Counsel Club", it is similar to prepaid legal but it covers corporate law. The fee is only $140.00 per year and you get unlimited phone counseling regarding any business issues you may have. The firm has several locations throughout the US. I have had the pleasure of speaking (free) with an attorney (almost an hour) from this firm and I am joining this week.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Thanks for the info. It is always good to know and have
          Legal services for Businesses when needed.
          Will check this out and save the info for our SCORE clients we counsel.
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              skydalimit Wayfarer
              Hi i was wondering how can i be counsel by you, i have been reading most of your posts, and you know what you talking about, you really know your stuff, and i need your help, and i own an entertainment company, that license music to TV, Films, Games, Ads, and other media etc.. now I'm thinking of incorporating it, or buy me a shelf/aged corp. since i parted ways with my old partner that which i own 50/50 of a 2 1/2 year old corp.
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              IGoCRMI Wayfarer
              I found a great company in Southern California that I use for all my contract work and general business issues.

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                coachniquenya Newbie

                Another alternative legal service to suing, especially when its in terms of recouping losses from accounts receivables or contract disputes, is to look into mediation.

                Mediation services do not require attorneys, court fees or mass amounts of loss time off from your business. You can come to a mutually agreeable resolution between the disputing parties and end up with a legally binding (sometimes notarized) agreement. Mediation isn't new to the corporate world but is often overlooked.

                Traditionally employers use mediation to settle disputes among their employees and/or management teams. Mediation can also be used for almost any situation where it might be important to preserve the relationship between the disputing parties. This could be the case for certain types of vendors, government entities and valued/long-term customers.

                In most cases, a mediated agreement can be reached within one or two 4-hour sessions. The preparation time is also much shorter than within a court case and again it is a lot less expensive as only the charge for the mediator is paid (usually a reasonable hourly figure).

                For more information about mediation, feel free to contact me.