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    How do you create a "Brand" for a service?

    SmallBizLink Newbie
      I was recently asked, how do you create a "Brand" for a service? This is a great question. I find it much easier to 'brand' a product, but to 'brand' a service is much more difficult. Does anyone have any advice on the bast way to go about branding a service?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Here's an article on this that might provide a few answers and provokes some thoughts:

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            LUCKIEST Guide

            How do you create a "Brand" for a service


            • determine whether a service stands out — or does not.


            • Wake up about the power of women: as managers,
            leaders and consumers.


            • Experience is everything. You have an ongoing experience with it.


            • Get passionate. If you can't get excited about what you're doing, don't expect anyone else to care.


            • Create a brand-new you. Brands are not just
            for companies, but also for individuals.
            Think of, and market yourself,
            as a brand of one.


            One way that companies, can distinguish themselves, is by
            becoming a professional service firm, or PSF.


            Examples: UPS, Fed Ex and Ryder (turnkey logistics





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              Iwrite Pioneer
              That was a great article!

              Funny, you should ask. I am helping an advertising agency develop its branding pieces right now. It is like having a doctor as a patient.

              I don't know what advice to give because we aren't through yet. I'm not sure if we will succeed or not.

              You are right this process is hard.

              I think the most important thing I have learned is to relate the personality of the agency to what resonates with the clients. We are taking the personality and showing how it works for clients. We're trying to talk to the clients, not at them but the internal struggle is hard - we keep getting in the way of ourselves. We want to be so much more than what we are. That's it!! Talk about who you are not who want to be! Folks will notice the difference.
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                Gnd.Designs Newbie

                It is a notsoeasy easy thing to do.

                How to brand anything is as simple as creating brand recognition in your target market. If you want to be known in the service industry, get your ad into that industry as often as possible. USE THE SAME AD REPEATEDLY! This is your brand.


                Let's back up...

                First, create a logo that is simple and precise to what you do. Are you a Lawn Service? Use a lawnmower as your logo icon and the first letter of your company name (google create logo free online). Since the most trusted colors in marketing are navy blue with red accents on a white background, those are the colors I would suggest using (google color psychology marketing to get more on this). This logo, once created, is your brand. Use it EVERYWHERE.


                Create an ad that has your simple information in it. Use your logo on the left side of the ad, since we read left to right- this way your logo is seen first. Then, at the top of the right side, place your company name in large font that is easy to read (such as Ariel or Times New Roman). Under your company name, in slightly smaller font, but the same font style, place your contact information, like this: 123 Ash Street,Nowheresville, Ohio 12345 phone (000)555-1212

                Below your information should be your "Tag Line" (for the lawn service used in this example, a tag line of "A cut above the rest" or something else simple). Your tagline is a one sentence statement that speaks volumes about your business and what you do. Try to keep in under 7 words (google tag line creation). Create your tagline in a completely different font and make it italic, so it stands out.

                So, the ad suggested here would look like this:


                LOGOLOGO Charlie's Lawn Service
                LOGOLOGO 123 Ash Street,Nowheresville, Ohio,12345
                LOGOLOGO Phone (ooo) 555-1212
                LOGOLOGO "A cut above the rest"



                The Rich Text Editor makes this a bit difficult to show in this forum. I hope the example above is clear enough. If you still have questions, please contact me at

                GOOD LUCK!

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                  FruitionDZ9 Newbie
                  Good question. It's about distinguishing yourself from the competition in a way that speaks about YOU (people buy YOU first before they buy the service you provide), but still connects with the target audience.

                  You can do some informal research online about colors and their meaning. Also research on competitors - what they do and don't do. Where they advertise and don't. How they connect with their customers etc...You'll start to notice some patterns emerging with the successful/vs. modestly successful ones. And it's NOT just the amount of time they've been playing the game.

                  We are in the age of "connection." In the end, branding is about consistency and connection. Stay true to who you are work on connecting with your audience in as many ways as you can with a consistent visual and verbal/written message. It's not as hard to digest when you think of it in terms of connecting and the ways to do this consistently.


                  Email me directly and I'll be happy to keep the dialogue going: tspruill@fruitiondesign.NET
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                    kays Newbie

                    If you need to create your brand you have to know many things about the law and about suppliers you can learn with that video it's realy a good training to launch a brand easily



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                      Carl Grothaus Adventurer

                      You may give a thought of inclusion of corporate promotional products in your marketing arsenal as they help in generating good will for your business and also brand building. They aid in creation of flow to your business funnel and hence they in turn promote your business in the respective sector.

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                          LUCKIEST Guide

                          The truth is,  most business owners get frustrated, frazzled, blocked and intimidated

                          when they think of sharing their brilliance.

                          Even famous marketers have whispered, "I HATE to write about myself."


                          Come across as sincere and authentic when you promote myself


                          My services are hard to explain. I can share my expertise so people will understand,

                          and they'll want to hire me.


                          I can communicate my expertise (so I get respected, valued and paid as an expert)


                          I've got a cool personality -really! - and that works with my brand to connect to my clients


                          Fine-tuning my niche helps share my brilliance more easily with my prospects

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                          Moderator Berta Guide

                          Great thread! Lets keep the information flowing.



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                            Carl Grothaus Adventurer

                            Promotional products are an easy avenue for creating a brand image for your product or business. They help in giving face to your business and also in earning a goof will to it. The promises won’t be vivid in near future, but pay a lot in long run in keeping your customers returning to your business. They are thus loyalty generating  and helping in increasing the flow to your business funnel.

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                              joshuawilson Scout

                              Follow these points to proper planning to create a brand for a service.

                              • What will your brand represent to your customers?
                              • What is your goal or customer promise?
                              • Do you specialize in a specific product or service?
                              • What qualities and values are important to your business?
                              • What are the demographics of your customers and What sort of customers do you want to attract.