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    10 Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Internet Explorer 9

    jenniferbraud Adventurer

      Internet Explorer 9 has long been one of the most popular browsers. Previous versions of Internet Explorer have had a mixed reception from users, with many people feeling dissatisfied with the speed and functionality of Internet Explorer, particularly in relation to other browsers. Internet Explorer 9, however, has received a much warmer reception, with more positive reviews and fewer complaints. Get the most out of Internet Explorer 9 with these 10 tips and tricks.


      1. Remove unused add-ons


      Add-ons can slow Internet Explorer down and increase the amount of time it takes your browser to start. While some add-ons are useful, others may have been installed by software applications without your knowledge. Check your list of add-ons, before uninstalling or disabling anything you don't need.


      2. Use the accelerators


      Internet Explorer 9 comes with built-in web accelerators to speed up your browsing experience. You can enable these accelerators in the add-ons section of your browser. Once enabled, you will be able to access the accelerator function by highlighting a word on the page.


      3. Disable Geolocation


      Geolocation allows websites to gain easy access to your geographical location. If you prefer to keep your location private, you can disable Geolocation by checking the box marked "Never allow websites to request your physical location" on the Privacy tab of your Internet options.


      4. Set your preferred search engine


      Internet Explorer 9 uses Bing as the default search engine. If you prefer to use one of the many other search engines available, you can install an add-on for your preferred search engine. This allows you to switch between a wide range of search engines.


      5. Browse in private


      Internet Explorer 9 has a private browsing mode, which enables you to browse the Internet without leaving a trace of your actions. When you use the private browsing facility, all history and files associated with your browsing session are removed from the computer.


      6. Show the menu bar


      In Internet Explorer 9, the menu bar is hidden by default. To access the menu bar, you now need to press the Alt key. To keep the menu bar permanently visible, navigate to the Toolbars section of the Tools menu, and click the Menu bar option.


      7. Clear cookies for a specific website


      Sometimes, you may want to prevent a specific site from tracking you, while still retaining cookies from other websites. To do this, visit the website you wish to block, and press the F12 key. This will open the developer console. From the developer console, open the Cache menu and select the option to Clear cookies for domain.


      8. Report malicious websites


      The SmartScreen filter is a helpful tool that makes it easy to report malicious websites. The SmartScreen filter can be accessed by navigating to the Safety section of the Tools menu, and selecting the option to Report unsafe website.


      9. Pin websites to the taskbar


      Internet Explorer 9 allows you to pin websites to the taskbar, start menu or desktop, which gives you fast access to the websites you use the most. Drag websites from the address bar, now called the One Box, to your preferred location.


      10. Reset to default settings


      You can reset Internet Explorer 9 to the default settings in the Internet options section. On the Advanced tab, click the Reset button. You will also be offered the option of deleting your personal settings, such as your home page and any accelerators you have enabled.


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