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    Introducing Custom Rest Pillows

    Todd Morin Adventurer

      Hi everyone,


      My name's Todd.  I recently started my own pillow business because I had a hard time finding a pillow that worked for me. 


      I found a manufacturer to produce the most comfortable pillow I could assemble.  We developed a fully adjustable pillow, so each customer can adjust the pillow to the perfect height.  The pillow cover has a zipper and can be removed.  The foam fill is contained by a custom stretch liner with a zipper, so the fill can be easily accessed.  Each queen or king bed pillow comes with a “travel pillow” that also functions as fill storage for extra fill for your bed pillow.  If your bed pillow is too full, remove some of the fill and add it to the travel pillow.  If the pillow isn’t full enough, take some fill from the travel pillow and add it to your bed pillow. 


      The whole pillow is washable, or you can simply remove the cover and simply wash the cover.  The travel pillow is perfect for flights, camping, long car rides, or laying on the couch.  Need more fill for your travel pillow for a long flight?  Remove some fill from your bed pillow and add it to your travel pillow.  Replace the fill when you return from your trip.  You’ll never experience a more comfortable, fully adjustable pillow. Guaranteed. 


      Visit my site, and let me know what you think!