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    Managing innovations: how to move one-step faster than your competitors

    patriciamassey Newbie

      Lazy people think that creativity is in our blood. If you are the top manager, you, most likely, do not share such consideration and believe that this professional ability is the result of tremendous efforts. Indeed, innovative thinking could be generated when you know the right ways. It was not an accident that we started the article from the widespread false thought. This step was intentional since our primary purpose was to challenge the existing delusions concerning the effective ways to be innovative.


      So, let’s start debunking the myths.

      For sure, you’ve heard that innovative thinking requires freedom. Unfortunately, innovation is not a creating a bicycle but, vice versa, it is the way to create the additional practical value to it. So, the innovative process implies the limits performed by the existing characteristics and future features allowing to use the object in an unusual way.


      The understanding of this point could help you in changing the manner of tunning your staff. If you will give the blank card for your employee they would not be able to create anything, but when you draw the limits with numerous border marks, be sure, you will be surprised with the results.


      Teamwork or brainstorming is one more approach, which is considered an effective one. It is also one of the biggest misbeliefs.  Psychologists claim that true geniuses are always shy people. They used to live in their inner unordinary world since society following mass considerations is not ready for their way of thinking. So, you unlikely have the chance to hear the voice of genius in the condition of collective discussion. It is possible to do only during the interpersonal interaction.


      Being armed with this idea, we propose you to start with the interpersonal interviews and then form the list of best ideas for collective evaluation. Moreover, avoid unveiling the name of the ideas’ authors before brainstorming. In such a way you can get more unbiased discussion and best result. 


      What is your first emotion when you hear the word "stress"? A negative one, yes? Do you know why? Because society is targeted on the detrimental effect of stress obliging everybody to avoid it. Indeed, stress is that factor making us go beyond the frames. So, do not undermine it. People are not aware of their true potential until they become free of limitations gained in the process of living and appear in a stressful situation.


      Indeed, do not overload your employees since you risk to get the staff with "twitching eyes" as a single outstanding innovation of your company instead of business success based on creative thinking.


      About me: sociologist which does not believe in many social myths and put the efforts in investigating numerous areas of human interaction, provides the augmented background for many companies, MadeStones was the last one