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    Business Venture

    Recruiter001 Newbie
      Hi Friends,

      my name is Rahul Sharma from India.i have got a idea of starting a business of starting of restaurants in indian food is very famous in USA,i can use that that model and open some restautants.But i need someone who can help in finance,so anyone is there.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          001, Tell us more. Where do you want to start this restaurant??
          Like City?? and State?? How many??
          Do you have a Business Plan??
          How much do you need to help in finance??
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              Recruiter001 Newbie
              Hi Lucky,

              Appreciate for your response.well i will from scratch,opening a small restaurant in area which are densely poplulated with with indians.After this i will to move to some bigger cities because i have seen people who come to India get attracts towards indian food and culture,and if we can get all these things in USA ,so who knows it can be the next Indian Mc Donald.