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    An Insight about Video Chat API and Video Call SDK for Android / iOS & Web.

    Liana Kailey Adventurer

      Video chat API is a powerful API that can be integrated into any chat application. It is gaining popularity in mobile and web application development. In today’s fast-paced world getting time to meet your folks in person is not always possible, this is where technologies like video calling comes to the rescue. Real-time video chatting is the most convenient way to interact with others with the help of video chat API. These are the effective video audio integration technique that can be successfully embedded into any mobile and web applications.


      Key Features of an Ideal Video Call API/SDK to Create an Awesome User Experience


      In order to provide an excellent video chatting experience, there are certain key factors that are needed to be considered before choosing a video call API/SDK.

      • Peer-Peer

      The user now has the ability to interact effectively with a one-to-one video calling feature that has benefited many business models tremendously. For instance, the face to face interviews can be scheduled now with more confidence with the help of these video calling feature where it reduces the cost of commuting and simplifies the recruitment process.

      • Group Chat

      The video calling SDK simplifies the group video calls which can be integrated into mobile and web applications effortlessly. Live interactions with high definition video quality are ensured with every video calls. Video call API enables a multiple number of participants without reducing the quality of the video image without any interruptions.

      • Video Conferencing

      Connecting with global clients is inevitable for any business to flourish. Video conferencing act as a bridge between the participants in an effective way. Irrespective of the geographical location many participants are clubbed together with robust server-based video conference SDK that provides greater scalability at negligible latency.  

      • Video Recording

      Be it in an education sector or important client meeting, Video recording feature plays a crucial role which facilitates for future references or for documentation purposes. Now playbacks and archiving are made possible by capturing live video calls and video chats all done under a highly encrypted environment. 

      • Centralized Admin

      Providing the users with a centralized dashboard which not only helps the chat admins to monitor every user in a better way but also respond to any issues within any chat groups or any access issues almost instantly with great turnaround time. It can be successfully deployed into any web or mobile applications.

      • Video Call Insights

      Video Call API gives the ability for the user to check the performance of a video call both pre-call and post-call regarding any connectivity issues, video call quality, compatibility and much more.


      Technologies that Fuels the Performance of the Video Call APIs & SDKs


      To build any robust mobile app or web application technologies is the backbone which helps to meet the user expectations and sometimes exceeds them as well. Video calling uses some of the commendable technologies which make these video call APIs and SDKs a clear winner that has successfully implemented in the Android / iOS and web application.


      1. WebRTC Signalling

      WebRTC is open-source which simplifies real-time communication like video calling and video chats in a convenient and better way.  This WebRTC can be embedded into any website application or mobile devices and helps to facilitate the peer-peer interaction level in a better way. WebRTC which is an open-source technology makes it completely cost-free and provides high-quality audio/video chat and calls. It is a versatile technology including but not limited to audio or video calling services, file sharing, screen sharing, video recording and much more to explore.

      2. STUN Server

      The STUN server provides an additional layer of security where the server creates a secure connection between the client network and establishes a public IP address for each of the clients. STUN servers safely transfer the data behind the firewall.

      3. TURN Server

      TURN server is also a protocol is used where STUN server is not an option. For instance, if a client system requires to communicate with a peer system for some kind of file transfer, but may not be able to perform the task if they are behind NATs. In these scenarios, a TURN server can be used. Here the TURN server successfully connects both the system.

      Contus Fly offers a complete video calling solution with customizable options that provides great scalability all within a multi-layered secured platform. With the help of WebRTC and video chat API/SDK peer-peer communication, cross-platform, CallKit are made possible with quick deployment.



      To enhance your business communication integrate these Video chat API and video call SDK into any existing or new chat application.  Choosing the right solution provider like Contus Fly offers an optimal solution that facilitates versatile options like customization, scalability, security with on-cloud and on-premises hosting servers.