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    Business Plan

    savetheanimal Newbie
      Hello, and thank you in advance for any advice you all can give me. I have been planing on a business that I believe in very very much. I have been on the net doing research on the subject. I have three questions that I need help with. I am looking to open a home for dogs/cats that have been lost or is in pounds and getting ready to be put to sleep. I will house these animals until I find them homes or they will stay in the home as long as they have to. They will not be put to sleep. My first question, Which business plan should I write, Non Profit or a regular Business Plan? Second question, Would including a Power Point Presentation be an added bonus on standing out with the Business Plan. My third and final question for now is, Is it harder to raise money for a Non Profit Business? Again, thank for you time and have a great day.



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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          I'd suggest you visit (and/or contact a legal/tax professional) to examine all the steps that this enterprise you have in mind would need to take to qualify as a non-profit organization. That will help you determine if the non-profit route is the way you want to go.

          If you're trying to raise money from investors or through donations, a PowerPoint presentation is not just an added bonus, it's an essential part of the process. However, you probably don't need such a presentation if you only intend to approach banks and other traditional lenders, SCORE, the SBA, etc. for help.

          As far as whether it's "harder" to raise money for a non-profit, I'd say it's easier to raise seed or expansion funding for a "good" business than it is to get donations for a "good" cause (especially in the current economic climate and in a presidential election year). On the other hand, it's probably easier (i.e., possible) to get donations for a "mediocre" charity than it is to get funding for a "mediocre" business (which is nearly impossible). Of course, that's just based on my experiences.

          Hope this helps. Best wishes.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Welcome to this web site, and good luck.
            How soon do you plan on this business??
            Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help you
            write a Business Plan (FREE)
            SCORE can also help you plan on Marketing.
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                savetheanimal Newbie
                Thank you for your help. I am checking out Score from reading the Forums here. I am getting all my numbers/research and I'm going to start my plan very soon. I will also be working on my PowerPoint presentation at the same time. Thanks for the welcome and I really like being here, I'm learning so much just listening to you all that has been where I'm at now.