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    How To Follow Up With Potential Clients?

    adityamishra282 Newbie

      You delivered an amazing presentation and impressed the client. They love your product and they have already given a verbal commitment to close the deal soon. You’re sure you’re going to onboard this client and start making plans on how you will use your bonus.

      Weeks pass by, and you don’t ever hear back from the client. After almost a month later when you finally speak to the client, you find out that they already closed the deal with your competitor. What happened? What went wrong? Why did the deal not go through?

      This is a common challenge faced by salespeople all across the world. Unfortunately, 70% of salespeople give up entirely when they don’t receive a response to their first email. While there may be a lot of reasons behind this, one of the key issues is the fact that sales representatives do not follow up effectively.

      People lead busy lives and sending them a quick reminder can go a long way in achieving your goal. Sending follow up messages not only makes the customer feel appreciated but also connects you with leads, help you grow your network, build your personal brand and start conversations with the right audience.

      In this post, we have shared some quick tips on how to follow up with potential clients to grow your business in the long-term.

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