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    Insurance for my store

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      Hi my name is Sergovia i am a naturalized citizen from Russia in the United States Of America 1 year ago. I want to start a store in Upstate new york that sells items that we buy from pallets plus containers for cheap prices because the area I will start it in is economically depressed plus a distance away from any major stores which is hard for people to get to.


      I plan to register my business as an LLC or an S corp. I will have no partners I will only have part time employees who will run the store while I am gone when I can not be there.


      Is there any insurance that will cover my products plus my store if it is robbed or stolen from? I have researched it before but it seems like the insurance companies only want to work with big stores or companies I am only looking for 50,000 to 100,000 dollars in coverage. I have also read that you need a security system on your store would I also need video cameras or is this optional? Is there any trusted insurance companies who I can make sure they will actually pay the insurance claim instead of refusing it and running off with all of the money I payed them? I understand there is deductibles which is fine with me but is it like life insurance where I will have to go a certain amount of time without getting robbed or stolen from where I will have to have security guards at my store, or after my first payment to the insurance company will my insurance compensate me if I am robbed or stolen from?