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    Top 10 SaaS Marketing Tips (apart from SEO & PPC)

    vineet18del Adventurer

      I am doing SaaS products marketing for over 2 years now and I see many people ask me how we do it?


      So I am sharing the Top 10 SaaS Marketing strategies that work for us:


      1. Quora - give proper answers, don't just pitch your SaaS.
      2. Product Hunt - build relation with the influencers and get your product viral promotion
      3. Youtube - comment and connect with Channel owners and seek collaboration opportunities to promote your product.
      4. Boardreader .com - find threads related to your niche and answer the question (don't forget to add value)
      5. Reddit - answer relevant threads, again, add value while introducing your product.
      6. Referral Marketing - just your friends and family if they can help with some referrals. No harm in asking.
      7. Viral Signups - ask satisfied customers if they like the product to share it with their colleagues and incentivize them for doing so or may be upgrade their product features.
      8. Discount for shares - give discounts for sharing your product or upgrade the features they have.
      9. Free Accounts - give free accounts to bloggers and ask them to write about your product.
      10. Easter Egg Marketing - Companies like Snapchat have developed a reputation for including hidden features and jokes in their products. These fun little extras encourage people to discuss and share their product.


      Share this with your team to accelerate the lead generation and sales, which will lead to more profits!


      I hope it helps everyone out there in SaaS!