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    1000 dollar loan with bad credit

    lavabawl Newbie

      Hello! I'd like to ask if I can get a 1000 loan with a bad credit history. Please give me any tip if you have a credential. Thanks.

        • Re: 1000 dollar loan with bad credit
          Julia Rivers Newbie

          Getting a loan with bad credit isn't that easy, but possible. You have several options to try: 1) online lenders sometimes approve applications from the customers with bad credit, but be ready that the interest will be rather high; 2) loan-connecting services can help you get access to a wide database of online lenders and some of them may approve your request (again, the interest rates will be high enough); 3) secured loans can be a way out, if you can provide a collateral; 4) you can have a chance to get approved for a loan with a co-signer; 5) try to turn to a credit union. The decision is all yours.