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    How to No Longer be Invisible on Social Media

    robertsdale Newbie

      Create a professional social media presence on the four most popular platforms to improve your standing as an expert in your field.It will help your company and your career.

      Many people believe that they do not need to have a professional social media presence because they work in large companies or because they are well-established in their careers.That couldn't be further from the truth. In order to continue to be seen as a thought leader, both inside and outside your company, you need to have a strong social media plan. Use the information below to help:

      1. LinkedIn. Let's start off with you need a strong profile in LinkedIn. Focus on your skills, accomplishments, and pertinent outside interests. You must also contribute to groups that are your industry focused and at your level.
      2. Facebook. Create a professional page that separates you from your personal activities. Focus on spreading your professional word to people who are or should be doing business with you. Encourage your company to have fan page. It is a great place for customers to put testimonials and a good way to prospect by reviewing fans who are not yet clients.
      3. Twitter. Develop a professional following based on topics for your current and prospective clients. By reviewing tweets and following patterns, you can really learn a lot about your clients and help you get closer to their hot buttons. Twitter is also a great way to meet complimentary business partners.
      4. YouTube. Create a YouTube channel for business purposes. You can build professional credence by posting short topic videos that focus on your areas of expertise. Once created, use videos in posts across above formats.

      It would be smart to work with your company to let them know you are doing this as you want to make sure your content is consistent across all platforms. If your company does not want you to mention them, focus on only your own skills in your posts. Remember, companies get bought, leaders change, and you cannot start to tell everyone what an expert you are after you are unemployed.