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    Small Business Startup Capital & Leveraging Loans to Invest

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      There are many options for capital investing. You may put it into a bank, buy stock of some well-known company or buy a piece of art or real estate. However, many potential private investors do not have enough money to make an effective investment: real estate, art and stock of leading corporations are not very easy to afford. Bank interests from moderate sums will be ridiculous.

      What shall the private investor do? He/she is isolated from ‘the big game', and small investments do not promise anything but a headache and waste of time. Product Group LLC specializes in raising credit capital for individuals and small businesses as well as giving them an opportunity to earn huge amounts of cash capital. Everyone can benefits from Product Group Financial. People with no chance of entering legitimate investment markets using vehicles that are otherwise unaffordable to them have the opportunity to be involved with investment vehicles that, for example, have minimum deposits too large for the average investor. Large investors can become larger as well. In addition, we have a business opportunity which offers a franchise of our Product Group Financial Services.

      Product Group Financial offers services at no out of pocket costs for accomplishing the following:

      • Teach what your credit score means to the banks and how much investment capital you have waiting for you right now.
      • Show how to repair your credit so you will never be denied a loan or line of credit again.
      • Show how to raise 50k in unsecured personal lines of credit in 7 -10 days.
      • Show how to raise up to 1m in unsecured business lines of credit in 7-10 days.
      • Show how to fund a start up company with up to $200K of investment capital before you start doing business.
      • And with a business opportunity, Show to get paid for giving away the banks money!!!

      What would you do with $1M USD of corporate trade line credit available to you? If having access to between 50k to 1million dollars scares you, don't worry. You receive a year of free consulting with Product group Financial and invitations to private investment vehicles as you may become eligible.

      Our business opportunity allows you to use our system. Suppose you could sign a few pieces of paper and in under 45days have:

      • A new corporation with credit lines up to $250k
      • A personal line of credit of 50k or more
      • The ability to repair anyone's credit
      • The ability to finance any business up to 1,000,000
      • The power to earn up to $30k per client
      • All with $0 out of pocket costs to you and your clients


      Product Group Financial does this. This is our business. You can take advantage as a client or be a part of us with the business opportunity.


      Additionally, I am hosting live informative conference calls on Thursdays at 5pm US Pacific time. I teach about credit repair, the startup company, personal & corporate tradelines, Real Estate investors network, Forex managed account, and about opportunities for business with Product Group Financial. If you are interested, register at to receive the conference call number and access code.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Welcome to this web site and GREAT Marketing.
          I like your background
          "A systematic grouping of financial products and services geared toward
          achieving passive residual income
          streams for clients.
          I am a US Army Veteran. I have a passion for international Real Estate
          and for helping others pursue what they are passionate about."
          Also I will try to join in your live informative conference calls on Thursdays at 5pm US Pacific time.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST