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    Chief-employee interpersonal communication matters

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      It is well-known fact that human resources are the primary value of any company. Staff is that factor providing the high-performance of your business on the market and contributing to increasing your profits. Being aware of this, many businessmen are focused on creating a powerful department on human resource management, obliging it to develop and implement the policy aimed at enhancing employees' satisfaction. This step is often considered as the only needed measure to maintain the level of employees’ work dedication. Indeed, it is a controversial question whether it is enough; what is about interpersonal communication between chief and employee?


      It is important to understand that the factor of individualism is extremely meaningful in any area of activity, especially in the workplace. Decent wages and social warranties are just paying for the good work, education – is developing skills YOUR Company requires, corporative events or traditions – the way of team-building and creating the sense of “affiliation” to the corporate culture. All this is good but where in these measures is appealing to each individual demonstrating her or him that they are noticed and important not to the company but to the chief personally?


      Why it is so important and how it can contribute to enhancing the employee work performance?


      First: organizational and personal dedication is a rather different thing. To betray a man or not justify someone’s trust is always more difficult than making a step away from organizational tasks. Each organization has the face; this face is the face of the owner (chief). His or her interpersonal communication with employee create the ground for personal dedication, which is much more solid.


      Second: nobody wants to be just a “staff”, everybody is an individual. When corporate policy aimed at creating employee mass satisfaction, employee-chief communication is the way to say “you personally are valuable for my company”.


      It does not mean each chief should start his morning with a long conversation to each employee. It is said about being in course of who are your staff: names, birthdays, life situation, hobbies. Human resource department can help you in gathering needed information, but your personal interest you should manifest by yourself. Just try and you’ll become sure that individual appeal can replace all the corporative measures with its effectiveness.


      Whitney Schaffner-journalist, human resource consultant assisting to many businessmen and big companies the latest of which is GSDiamonds