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    11 Small Business Tools for Entrepreneurs and Startup Companies

    ritzparker Scout

      In today’s Internet-powered world, smart entrepreneurs and small businesses are growing faster and becoming stronger with every passing day. So, to stay on top of your business endeavor you need to master some of the great tools that will make all the difference in your small business success.

      To beat the competition in your industry you need to implement the tools that will increase the productivity and efficiency of your team and provide you time to focus on the most important aspects of your business.


      There are hundreds of marketing related, services related and modern technology related tools available online to help you grow your business. However, to choose the best ones you have to put a lot of time and efforts.


      So, to save you from that hassle we have reviewed and listed 11 of the best business tools that are cost-effective and provide great values to your business.


      #1 Hootsuite

      Managing all social media accounts regularly and publishing new posts frequently can become an area of concern for small business owners and entrepreneurs simply due to lack of time and proper resources. After signing up for Hootsuite you can manage all your social media platforms with its simple and easy to use dashboard.



      • Schedule post - You can schedule your upcoming social media posts in advance which will save you a lot of time and will keep you active on various social media channels.
      • Analyze the performance - You can analyze your social media performance by tracking the number of followers you are getting, your most shared and liked posts by your audience.
      • Find content - With Hootsuite you can find lots of attractive and compelling content and images which you can post on your social media channels to engage your visitors.
      • Security - Hootsuite prevents your brand from all sorts of social media threats by providing its advanced social media security features.



      • 3O Days free trial.
      • Professional Plan - 29$ per month
      • Business Plan - 599$ per month


      #2 Slack

      Slack is a communication and teamwork management tool. Slack lets you manage project works and conversation with your business partners or team members from a single platform across all devices. Using slack you can send emails, reply to text messages and follow up someone on Twitter without any headache.



      • You can divide your team members according to their profiles, projects to properly monitor the work of your organization.
      • Collaborate and share your channel with the companies and businesses you frequently work with to expand your business network.
      • Make conversation over voice or video calls and share screen to track the progress of projects.
      • With the help of slack, you can effortlessly share files, images, videos, PDFs with others and make an archive of feedback of your work.



      • Free version
      • Standard - 6.67$ per month
      • Plus - 12.50$ per month


      #3 Evernote

      Evernote is a note-taking application which is very helpful for busy business owners and entrepreneurs. It lets you take notes of business-related ideas, plans, thoughts from anywhere in the world. Further, you can save the notes, audio recordings, photos, clipped web documents etc. in an organized way so that you can find them later easily.



      • You can write your notes, collect web clippings and page screenshots, record audio notes, create a to-do list, highlight or comment on images.
      • Sort your documents and important files by date, tag or title to arrange them properly.
      • Share your notes with anyone in your business group.
      • You can set permission-lock to prevent anyone from accessing your personal notes.
      • You can convert your notes to a PowerPoint presentation with one click.



      • Basic - Free version
      • Premium - 7.99$ per month
      • Business - 14.99$ per month


      #4 Trello

      Trello is one of the most popular projects management software to organize and track the progress of any project in your organization. You can create various cards, boards, set deadlines, add notes using your Trello account.



      • Organize and plan collaborations with clients, colleagues, business owners.
      • Customize your account with various tags, labels, cards, and categories.
      • Upload various files and attachments.
      • The mobile-friendly
      • With its free version you can access some basic services, but for other advanced features, you have to subscribe to their premium plans.



      • Free forever plan.
      • Business class - 9.99$ per month
      • Enterprise - 20.83$ per month


      #5 Shopify

      Shopify is an e-commerce software that helps you build an online e-commerce shop of your own. With the help of its marketing, drop shipping, shopping carts, SEO features you can manage all the functionalities of your online store from a single platform.



      • You can use top quality themes for your website from its collection of more than 70 professional themes.
      • With the help of its easy-to-customize templates, you can customize your online store according to your choice and build your brand online.
      • Your Shopify store comes with an in-built mobile commerce shopping cart feature that lets your customers browse your products, services, and buy directly from their smartphones or other mobile devices.
      • You can integrate your Shopify store with more than 100 payment gateways across the globe.
      • You can offer free shipping services to your customers for a certain order size and price point.



      • 14 Days of the free trial.
      • Basic - 29$ per month
      • Advanced - 299$ per month


      #6 Skype

      Skype is the world's one of the most used and recommended internet calling services offered by Microsoft. It provides audio and video calling services, messaging, file and screen sharing between computers and mobile devices across the world.



      • Calling service - You can connect with your friends, families, business members, colleagues with the Skype calling service for absolutely free. You can even make a group-call with up to 25 people at once.
      • Video service - You can chat through video calls and virtually interact with others face to face.
      • Message service - You can send text messages, emojis, video messages, voice messages instantly using Skype.
      • File sharing service - You can share documents, images, videos etc. of any size. At the same time, you can share your screen with others to track the progress of any task.



      • Skype is free
      • Skype for Business is not free


      #7 Asana

      Asana is a productivity tool to manage your works, projects, and daily tasks. This tool helps you grow your business and improve the efficiency of the team members.



      • Plan your tasks and prioritize them according to the deadlines, and share them with the team members.
      • With Asana you can track the project improvement in every step to achieve your certain business goals.
      • As Asana connects with Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive you can easily share files and documents from your computer.



      • Premium - 9.99$ per month
      • Business - 19.99$ per month
      • Enterprise - Contact sales team


      #8 Boomerang

      Boomerang for Gmail is an email-communication tool to improve the email service. It provides you with an option to schedule emails and monitor their performances.



      • Using Boomerang, you can write your emails and schedule them to send at your preferred time.
      • At times there are some important emails we need to send or receive. Using its reminder feature you can easily send, receive or follow up with people.
      • Boomerang is also available for Android and iOS devices. This lets you stay connected over email on the go.



      • Basic - Free
      • Personal - 4.99$ per month
      • Premium - 49.99$ per month


      #9 Google Analytics

      Google Analytics is one of the best analytical tools which has loads of features to improve any website’s performance. There are some of the best features available in Google Analytics which every marketer and small business owners must know to grow their businesses.



      • You can track your campaigns and monitor the traffic on your website. Further, you can analyze their activities on different pages of your site.
      • You can track the leads and conversions of your website by the number of requests for the product demos, email sign-ups, ebook downloading, contact form submissions, purchases etc. This will help you to target your customers according to their interests.
      • You can create custom reports with the Google Analytics data according to your business goals.


      Pricing: Free


      #10 Hubspot

      Hubspot is inbound marketing software that helps to gain more traffic to your website, generates leads and converts your website visitors to potential customers.



      • Increases visitors and generates leads to your optimized landing pages.
      • Follows up with the buyers through email automation system.
      • Provides full customer assistance and builds relationships with your customers.
      • The free version of Hubspot provides basic marketing facilities whereas the paid version gives you many other advanced marketing features.
      • Hubspot is available for Windows, Mac as well as for Android and iOS devices.



      • Free version
      • Starter - 50$ per month
      • Enterprise - 3,200$ per month


      #11 Paypal

      Paypal is one of the most used and trusted online payment service providers. Using Paypal you can make and receive payments for your business in more than 100 currencies. It is one of the fastest and safest payment options available online.



      • You can make payment for any online purchases using the credit card, debit card, online banking etc. or send money to another PayPal account in 100+ different currencies.
      • You can withdraw your payments from more than 200 countries using PayPal.
      • You can request payments from people who don’t have a PayPal account using an email address.



      • Free sign up.
      • 3.7% of the transaction amount plus $0.30 USD



      Hope you have found this article helpful. Though there are plenty of tools available today, the tools we have mentioned here will fulfill most of your business requirements. Most of the aforesaid tools offer free trials, so you can include those tools in your business plan to check their effectiveness. And as your business gets bigger, you can go for the paid versions that fit your budget and resolve your business needs.


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