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    SCAM "Donewell Shipping Company" Shipping SCAM

    AppleGraphics Adventurer
      I apologize for the capitalized headline but I wanted no doubt that I was commenting on a scamming enterprise and not endorsing the company. A little bit ago I received an e-mail from someone reporting themselves as a Bishop asking for our service as a printer. The e-mail struck me as strange because it seemed I was cc'd on the e-mail rather then directly mailed. However, a quote does not hurt anyone so I provided the "bishop" a quote and received a prompt reply saying he would like to order 50,000 fliers from us. Our prices are very reasonable but I find it hard that someone needing that quantity would stumble upon our website and request a quote (we currently are not doing a lot of internet marketing) and then came the kicker, he needed the fliers shipped to Ghana. To ensure he would receive the product in decent shape he insisted that we use a shipping company he did business with often "Donewell Shipping Company". As stated earlier this started out kind of fishy so i decided to investigate a little. The first thing that struck me was that the shipping company had a free e-mail account ( so I googled them. Turns out this is a typical scam run a number of times amazingly enough they keep using the same shipping company name though. What happens is a "bishop" or some other clergy member contacts a printing company asking for a quote on 50k and 80k fliers to help the poor. They insist they go through their shipping company which will only accept bank transfers, and when it comes time to pay the bishop (who is supposedly is from the US) only has a credit card registered in Russia which seems to process but then bounces.

      Thankfully someone else had reported on this before and we have just stopped communication with the supposed Bishop but I wanted to let everyone here know of the scam.
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          Buffalo Adventurer
          A version of this scam has been going around the sign industry for awhile now. They usually want banners printed and it's usually for a "church" in Africa signed by reverend somebody or other. They use stolen credit cards and you get stuck with the shipping bill.
          I'm glad you didn't get sucked in. Scams are everywhere including, unfortunately, this forum. Remember if it sounds too good to be is!
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              Bemore Adventurer
              These request have been coming in to sign companies for large quantities of banners. They want to pay with credit card. Then ship them to who knows where. They identify their own shipping company. Of course they have paid for merchandise with a stolen credit card. They request that you ship with their designated shipping company that needs a prepayment which they request via wire transfer from you. Then they will reimburse with credit card payment. We asked the customer, usually a reverend, to wire the money. This typically upsets them. I usually get 3 - 5 per week. Be careful.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Want to do two things

              1) Want to thank the 3 prior posting for telling about these scams

              2) By posting this note, gets the posting up front again,
              so others can see it and be aware.

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                Creative1 Newbie

                Thanks--- saw your email - to check out the same scam once I provided a print estimate.... Thought it was fishy too
                His email though took me back to a print broker web site -- that too looked fishy..... as soon as I mentioned for him to arrange the shipping he said cancel the order.

                BEWARE PRINTERS
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                  choward Newbie
                  We were just victims of this, although we caught it before we shipped. We're out our costs for printing, but at least we didn't pay any shipping. The shipping company we were supposed to use was Global Shipping Company LTD. I'm stringing the guy along right now, and he has given me 6 different credit card numbers to try. Luckily we've kept every email he's sent, and I've got the police working on it. I tell ya - if these folks used their powers for good, they could be legit millionaires!
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                    taybiz Newbie
                    I was searching around because I was iffy about a sale and thank goodness I found this article. We had the exact situation from a Rev Johnson buying a lot of goods to ship to Ghana. The shipping company, a new one that is being used is WESTERN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COMPANY. Watch out for this, it is the same thing. We got tons of credit cards from the guy, and he could answer every question we had, even called our office when we said the cards wouldn't go through. They will got o good lengths for this so be careful.
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                        Cowboy_Canuck Newbie
                        I am truly sorry that someone would maliciously take advantage of hard working people with all the horrors going on in the world today. I am trying to research a situation that is beginning to sound fishy. I contacted a person on Craigslist (similar to ebay or kijiji) and we decided on doing business together. I am the buyer, and they the seller. The deal is fantastic, a little too fantastic, and they want to ship the item using a company called "GPS CANADA". I am asking if anyone has ever heard of this shipping company, or anything about a similar situation. The shipping company's website says that the money transfer goes through them and is held in a secure account until I recieve the goods and check to make sure they are in fact what I ordered.
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                        RickFelten Adventurer
                        Great catch AppleGraphics.

                        This should be a heads-up to everyone. Research/check-out the credentials of EVERYONE you do business with.

                        A sure give-away that you are dealing with a less than professional is the email address and website. How many times have you seen ads such as "High Net Worth Individuals Only" and "I've worked with hundreds of clients" that take you to a billybob8774@aol (or any other free email account).tv as the business email! This is the 21st Century and everyone needs to be online. If someone isn't willing to make the investment in a professional website & email address, how confident can we be that they will keep their end of the bargain?

                        Thanks for letting us know about this.
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                          austinstrick Wayfarer
                          Hey, thanks for sharing your experiencing. I also had a similar incident and nearly escaped it. I consulted some other fellow business men who are in shipping industry and searched over the internet. According to some business owners, that have been scammed or nearly scammed, this is how the fake shipping company scam usually works:

                          A customer contacts a shop via relay operator or e-mail to order a large quantity of product; in the glass industry, it's usually 1/8-inch or ¼-inch annealed glass. (Red flags: The email exchanges are often littered with misspellings and poor grammar, and often come from a Gmail, Yahoo or similar free e-mail account.)

                          The customer wants to pay for the product with a credit card and wants to ship the order a large distance, sometimes the end destination is across the country, sometimes it's on another continent. The purchasing credit card is usually stolen. (Red flags: Scammers usually place an order for products they could easily get from a local shop, and the credit card billing address doesn't match the shipping address.)

                          The customer says they want to use their preferred shipping company to transport the product. The customer asks the business to pay the delivery company directly and says they will send a check or money order the business to repay the delivery costs. (Red flag: Business owners have reported scammers request to use the shipping companies AGC Delivery International, Ox Direct Shippers or Cargo Trust Shipping Freight Co.)

                          After the business has paid the delivery company, the scammer's check or money order won't go through, leaving the business without the thousands of dollars of delivery costs and with wasted product.

                          I work in a">shipping company
                          and we had a similar incident.