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    ICYMI: How To Make Organic (Free) Marketing Work Better on Facebook

    Moderator Rebecca Guide

      Once upon a time, a business page in Facebook could reach their entire audience, those who have "liked" or "followed" their page, with each post they made.  Given the social and sharing nature of Facebook, experts estimate a successful Facebook post could reach up to 300% of their audience, via engagement and sharing with friends.  Once Facebook became a public company, however, those numbers sharply fell by over 50 percent, due to changes in algortihims and Facebook's desire to increase "sponsored" (paid) advertising.


      The good news is there are proven methodologies. It is absolutely still possible to create very successful organic marketing on Facebook  Mari Smith, often referred to as the 'Queen of Facebook' - has written an informative article to help small business owners increase their organic outreach thru 3 simple steps.  To learn how to reach a wider audience - for free- on Facebook, we encourage you to read this great article by Mari - How To Make Organic Marketing Work Better on Facebook.


      What successes have you had with your Facebook marketing and engagement?  We'd love to hear more from our members about what works for you and any additional tips or tricks you'd like to share.