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    LUCKIEST Guide

      Storytelling guides often advise you to “tell your own story.” That's good advice.

      It means, "Don't copy someone else's story. Be original."

      But when we hear, “Tell your own story” and it's easy to interpret this advice as, “Tell a story about you.”

      We’re supposed to share how we got from there to here, preferably with plot twists like conquering stubborn obstacles,

      hitting bottom and getting saved by a brilliant idea. 

      The truth is, there’s no one story — or story archetype — that fits all businesses.

      And your personal story may not be the most relevant or powerful for your prospects.

      Good luck.

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          moderator_ani Tracker

          That is so true, Luckiest, there is certainly no "One size fits all" story as far as our Business Community goes!


          Yet, in many aspects, there may not be any reason to reinvent the wheel. Many small business owners may come across similar stumbling blocks and if there is a work around it which has been tried and tested, it would benefit many.


          I absolutely agree that there will be many challenges which would be unique to each business and solutions will need to be sought for those and this is a great place to share our experiences.



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            dythpixo Adventurer

            As someone said "There is no recipe - everyone has their own journey" and I stick to that words!