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    Taking Stock in the New Year

    moderator_lisa Ranger

      With the chaos of the holidays behind us, now is a great time to look at the shape of our business and see if we're still on track to meet the goals we set last year. Take a look over your business plan. Have you made changes in your company's philosophy or altered your goals? Make sure your business plan reflects your new path. Be sure your website, particularly your About Page, is current and accurate. Update any contact information on business cards and other print materials, any external advertising you pay for, etc. This is a great time to send a newsletter to your clients, make an updated blog entry outlining any changes you've made and sharing your plans for the coming year. Check in with people you've done business with in the past and offer your services in case they need you again. Review your pricing, schedule, and anticipated budget and income information and make changes as necessary. If you're not in regular contact with your accountant, attorney, business mentor, or other team members who help you with your business, consider reaching out to them as well to make sure everyone's contact information is still accurate.


      I'd love to hear your suggestions on this topic. The best thing about a community like this is the opportunity to share and learn from one another. Let's start 2019 off on the right foot.



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          Moderator Cath Guide

          EXCELLENT suggestions, Lisa.  I would like to add to your post that business owners copy your post WITH bullet points on all your suggestions and then work through them during the weeks in January.  What a fantastic way to begin a year, in my opinion!


          Reconnecting in communications/newsletters with previous intentions and business practices is never a bad idea.  And reconnecting with customers and just wishing them a happy new year along with some of your business offerings could re-energize those relationships.


          I, too, would welcome others chiming in with their other's suggestions on how they intend to begin this new year.