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    New Commercial Cleaning

    Yegeta_leje Newbie
      I am just starting a new commercial cleaning company in the Austin, TX metro area but I don't really know where and how to advertise besides business card and broachers. Can anyone suggest me free or low cost marketing ideas please?
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          I think you go with the most successful way of generating business, direct contact. Hit the pavement and knock on some doors! Offer to set up a trial cleaning, show them why you are the right choice.
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            Buffalo Adventurer
            Do your company vehicles have the company name, what you do, contact info etc on them? If not that would be an excellent place to start.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Welcome to this web site. Good luck with your New Commercial Cleaning Company.
              The first two answers are great.
              Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??
              Do you Know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and will help you succeed.
              Any thing you can do to get your name out to the public is GREAT.
              My favorite is to sponser a little league team and then all the players are running around
              with shirts with your company name on them.
              Another is to "think outside the box" and do something special. (Maybe clean a town
              building or a public park) and get the newspaper to write a story. FREE advertising.
              Buffalo has a great idea. Put your business name and phone number on your cars or
              trucks and SIGNS in the ground outside where ever you are cleaning.
              Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                babyjoy214 Adventurer
                I agree with what Iwrite said, you should go by direct marketing, door-to-door style since you are just starting. You can have more customers or clients by referrals of your previous customers that were satisfied. Goodluck!!
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                  Yegeta_leje Newbie
                  Thank you so much. You guys have given me excellent ideas to start with and I am satisfied with all your responses.