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    Guide to build trust of Employees

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      No one can underestimate the value of building trust. It is essential for any organization to win the trust of its employees as it is crucial for the success of the company and the peace of its environment. Trust is the only emotion that bounds employees to the vision of the company. It sets the behavior of employees and effects their work progress.

      Mistrust of employers translated into the suffering of the company as they lack passion and drive to benefit the company. Distrust gives birth to fear and suspicion that reduces the work capacity.

      If you are a manager who is struggling to win the trust of your co-workers and employees, here are the tips that you can use to build trusting relations ship with employees and gain their loyalties.


      • Be an  Active Listener

      Pay attention to your employees when they are talking to you.  Look at them directly and maintain positive body language. Act as you care about them. Nod when required and reply them. Listen to understand and obtain information. This will make them feel worthy and accepted.

      • Keep them in the loop

      Always keep your employees in the loop about the changes that you are making in the company, especially those that will affect them directly. Show honesty while explaining the differences.  Listen to their queries about the changes and respond positively and openly.

      • Adopt an open door policy

      Adopt a welcoming attitude with your employees. If they are suffering from any problem personal or work-related; you should be willing to listen to them. Help them in their challenge and making a decision. Show empathy, and your employees will appreciate your positive and caring attitude towards them with their loyalty and trust.

      • Give importance to opinions

      Not asking the views of employees is the most overlooked strategy that stands in the way of building the trust of employees. Talk to them! And as their views and opinions regarding issues and situations. Give importance to their views; this doesn’t mean that you have to implement their suggestions.

      • Offer them trust

      Give them what you need from them. Trust them first and then expect them to trust you. Assign them simple tasks and give autonomy regarding the work. This will make them feel that you believe them and relies on them. This gesture can begin of a new trusting relationship.

      • Remember important dates

      Make a journal that includes all the birth dates of your employees. Give them a surprise and greet them on their birthdays. Similarly, make sure that you welcome them on their promotion and bonus. This will create feelings of warmth between the company and employees, and they will feel like part of the company.

        Follow these tips and initiate a trusting relationship with your employees and coworkers that will benefit your company’s progress.


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