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    Day Light Saving Time

    LUCKIEST Guide
      Today is Monday, the first work day of a new week with Day Light Saving Time.
      Any changes to your Business?? Your employees?? Your Morning Drive??
      Will Day Light Saving help improve your cash flow or save you money??
      Anything negative about the change starting so early in the year??
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          Y Golf Wayfarer
          Hello Luckiest,
          For us more daylight means or individuals on the golf course and in turn a sooner start to the golf season. Increased Sales tend to begin sooner and this is a plus for the golf industry. We tend to usually gear up for "The Monday After The Masters" April 14, 2008, which too many in the golf industry is the unofficial start to the golf season but with day light savings happening earlier each calendar year this may need adjusting.
          More Sun More Money,
          Y Golf
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            I'm not anticipating any cash flow impact or cost savings from the earlier change to DST. This is also the start of Spring Break for schools here, so the fact that the two coincided probably reduced the effect on some people and exacerbated the effect on others.
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              Because of the industry I am in, I really don't see much of an impact.

              As for the drive, it rained here in Dallas, traffic always sucks when it rains, looks like it is going to rain, or thinks about looking like it is going to rain. Just the mention of ice or snow can cause traffic to come to a grinding halt.
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                Buffalo Adventurer
                As a sign and custom printed apparel business I don't think it will have any impact one way or another. I never even thought of it till you brought it up.
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  Went to the Doctors office, early this evening. (ear infection)
                  I was his last patient. Doctor said it was a rough day and he was dragging.
                  Blamed it on the first work day of Day light saving time.
                  Hope he and i are better tomorrow, LUCKIEST