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    Looking Ahead into 2019

    Moderator Cath Guide

      I know I am a bit early but I am sure I am not the only one who has been looking forward to the new year and wondering about all the possibilities it brings.


      During the past holiday season our local tv stations have made a special effort to share holiday happiness-es daily.  I have watched local businesses and groups and even individual people reach out to others in need.  I'm sure you saw similar activities too.


      Soooooo, as you look into the brand new year, gather your employees and ask the how they would reach out into your community in helpful ways.  Make a list, spend time  talking about this - don't let it get forgotten.  Start small, perhaps a one-day spent cleaning up a yard for an elderly couple or a disabled person.  Then enjoy the good feelings that were shared that day. 


      Maybe this could be the start of something bigger!  Brag to your friends - invite them to join in the next activity with you all.


      Let's make 2019 a Year of Giving!  Let us hear from you - share your good news.



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          moderator_lisa Ranger

          Great suggestions, Cathy. It's the perfect time to think about ways to cooperate and help others. Sponsoring a work day or similar event is a wonderful way to help expose employees who may have never done volunteer work to the possibilities and rewards doing such good deeds can provide. Many companies offer their employees a specific number of hours each year for doing volunteer work in the community.


          Thanks for this valuable reminder. Happy New Year.