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    Company Helps Businesses Rebuild Their Reputations

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      How a BOA Business Helps Protect Reputations Online for SMB’s

      A Lindon, Utah-based firm, The Reputation Management Company, is assisting Bank of America small and medium sized companies that need to strategically rebuild their online presence. As a result of receiving false or harmful reviews there becomes a distinct need to improve their image online to not lose potential clients. The reputation management company offers reputation services to both individuals and businesses and uses a tactical array of tools to create unique solutions for each of its clients.


      The Reputation Management Company employs strategies that encompass several methodologies for maximum effectiveness: total removal of negative content from all Internet sources with direct deletions, specific brand management techniques, and the removal of autocomplete features on all search engines with a main focus on Google, Bing, and Youtube while also having a solution for Amazon products. To further help business owners who need online reputation management services, the company specializes in offering several kinds of targeted "corrective content" services.


      Delete Negative Information and Add Image-Building Content 


      The Reputation Management Company has the ability not only to delete negative content via reverse SEO techniques, but to use legal approaches to help get rid of negative information of all kinds that are defamatory can still be done but in limited capacities depending on the defaming website. Further, a pro-active content creation strategy can help build a positive reputation with targeted articles and good reviews in key online locations. Whenever a company wants to reconstruct its public image via deletion of negative information or needs to build up its brand with specialized, positive content, with a customized solution.


      Company owners should know how online reputation management works. There are three core strategies at the center of every effective image-rebuilding campaign: getting rid of unwanted content, managing a brand's image, fixing search-engine autocomplete functions, and taking control of online reviews. Each element of the four-prong strategy is equally important for businesses that want to make certain their name remains intact and viewed in a positive light by customers, competitors and community members.

      Getting Rid of Unwanted Content:


      Perhaps the most common challenge facing companies and individuals who seek reputation management services is negative online content. When unwanted search results threaten a company's good image, or repeatedly appear in online search inquiries, removal of the negative information is vital.


      Unwanted online content, even a small amount of it, can tarnish a company's hard-earned reputation quite quickly. The Reputation Management Company can remove negative content from search engine results and thousands of high-traffic websites. The results usually show up within two to four weeks and effectively cleanse a company's online image. Even websites that typically refuse to remove negative listings or mentions are willing to negotiate. That strategy can lead to removal of data from indexes, delisting of negative content, and restoration of a positive image in major search engine results.


      Depending on the number of negative items present online, where that data is listed, and several other key factors, The Reputation Management Company can help companies achieve success when it comes to brand, corporation and product image. Industry surveys have shown that more than 90 percent of adults use the Google search engine to locate information about companies. Removal of negative data on Google is a key part of The Reputation Management Company's tactical strategy.


      Negative issues include everything from outright lies and slander to corporate defamation, and encompass challenges like misrepresentation, bad reviews, "cheater" site listings, mugshots, complaint boards, defamation by competitors, and much more. 


      Managing a Brand's Image:


      The team works with clients' marketing teams to create and propagate proactive, positive online content that build up the brand image. Services that enhance image are able to educate consumers and carefully clarify a company's message for maximum impact. The overall goal is to improve a company's image in the eyes of the public.


      The Reputation Management Company was at the forefront of the online reputation and PR services industry when the computer age took hold. The company has been featured on national television and radio programs and amassed strategic relationships with journalists in dozens of industries.


      Those key partnerships give the company the ability to publish targeted content in numerous outlets related to client needs. The Reputation Management Company's team works closely with clients in all phases of an operation, from planning through execution.


      Fixing Search-Engine Autocomplete Functions:


      The "autocomplete" function on major search engines can deliver unwanted information and destructive suggestions when consumers go online to learn about products and companies. Fixing these autocomplete suggestions is a crucial part of online reputation management.


      The Reputation Management Company uses a proprietary method that leads to the production of positive suggestions and the removal of negative ones. There are hundreds of factors that affect how an autocomplete suggestion shows up. On Google, Bing, Youtube, and other common search sites, even a small number of negative autocomplete results can do significant damage to a company's image.


      Proprietary software used by The Reputation Management Company can remove unwanted suggestions in autocomplete and replace them with positive profiles, data and reviews. Brand management begins with search engine results.


      Taking Control of Online Reviews:


      Companies who suffer from bad online reviews know how important it is to take control of their own image. That means removing or suppressing negative reviews as quickly as possible, before they have the chance to spread to cached information logs. The Reputation Management Company uses a powerful "review management platform" called Pulse. It allows the company's clients to take charge of their online reviews in a proactive manner.


      Pulse lets users build brands, improve their reputations and even gain fresh customers with a powerful yet simple software that makes it easy for consumers to learn the positive side of a company's message. Pulse funnels a company's reviews into a convenient centralized location for easy management. This arrangement lets companies view all their reviews at once and target any potential problem areas.

      Who Uses The Reputation Management Company?


      Firms and individuals use the companies services. Law firms, dentists, doctors, home improvement specialists, accountants, massage therapists, psychologists, apartment owners, entertainers, and many more kinds of corporations, small businesses, sole proprietorships and private individuals seek out the targeted reputation management expertise of The Reputation Management Company.


      The professional team has experience dealing with all kinds of reputation challenges, including "fake news" removal or correction, elimination of so-called "ripoff reports," standard public relations dilemmas, image enhancement for brands, and every reputation-related situation a company or individual might encounter.


      How To Contact The Reputation Management Company


      To assist interested parties, the Reputation Management Company offers a free consultation so potential customers can see first hand how a customized approach can benefit their brand-building needs. And because each case is unique, some customers might require more services than others, while some may need minimal help. To schedule a free, one-on-one consultation with a team member, interested parties should call 888-501-1288.


      Email inquiries can be sent to The company is located at 333 South 520 West, Lindon, Utah, 84042. All forms of inquiry are welcome and free consultations are available to businesses of all sizes as well as individuals. For more information about the industry visit this tutorial:



      Q:Who are you and what is your role in the company?

      A: Steven Wright and I focus on client fulfillment solutions. This involves researching and reporting on the best potential ways to resolve clients solutions. Each job is unique and takes a different approach to fix a clients unwanted search results.


      Q:When did you decide to start The Reputation Management Company?

      A: January of 2016


      Q:Why should companies be interested in The Reputation Management Company?

      A: 93% of clients will do a search about your company and see what it says. If it’s something negative then more than likely they are going to shop elsewhere. It’s fulfilling to help Bank of America business clients to boost their earnings by improving and fixing their image online.


      Q:What services do you provide?

      A: I focus on the business brand building and deletion of fake complaints online that damage our clients. This includes Yelp listings, Complaints Boards, and Google Business listings.


      Q:How can The Reputation Management Company help people?

      A: We help individuals who are plighted by something negative that has happened in the past. We either suppress and push off the unwanted content or we end up deleting it when possible. Once they erase the black mark on their resume they are able to build stronger business relationships that may not have been established had we not helped them fix their image.


      Q:What kind of prejudice would you like to dispel about reputation management companies?

      A: There are only a few reputable ones out there. Many make lofty promises but miss on delivery and we are quite the opposite where we deliver and then continue to maintain a strong and helping relationship with our clients.


      Q:If you could tell young entrepreneurs one thing, what would it be?

      A: Work hard and watch what your competition is doing. Then do better and never look back. Then your reputation will precede itself.


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              Company Helps Businesses Rebuild Their Reputations


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              Welcome to our community, ginnyoak.  We are happy that you have chosen to be a part of this group.  And pleased that you shared some information about your company and a company's online presence.




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