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    Anyone here used SaleHoo or Worldwide Brands for dropshipping?

    mikereed21 Newbie

      Hi guys,


      My name is Michael from Oceanside CA and I am interested in starting a side hustle selling gardening products & tools online on eBay and Amazon.


      I was wondering if any of guys you have done it and how has it turned out for you? Profitable?


      I've spent the last few months watching videos on YouTube on how to do it. It seems like dropshipping is the way to go.


      I've also looked at Amazon FBA but it seems like I would need a bigger budget as opposed to the dropshipping route.


      I also have a question for those who have successfully created a business selling on Amazon on eBay.


      Where do you guys find your suppliers? What's the best supplier directory?


      I have found two so far and they are SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands. Out of the two, it seems like
      SaleHoo is more legit based on these reviews that I have read online: this one and this one


      Other questions that I have is:


      • How big of a budget did you guys start out with?


      • What are the other hidden costs that I have to keep in mind?

      • Should I go with selling on eBay or Amazon? Or perhaps both?
        What are their pros and cons?