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    You probably never known all of these effective ways of business marketing

    mdaliceo Adventurer

      From my professional experiences ( Founder & CEO of Inventory Software Services ), I have worked with many small businesses. Here I share my professional experiences of small business marketing. I think it's greatly helping post for every digital marketer.


      Maximum small businesses are not global, they sales their products in specific regions. So, local business marketing is very important for a small business. Mainly there are two types of small business marketing: 1. Offline or manual marketing and 2. Online or internet marketing. Here I discuss both of these. Continue reading for your better local business marketing.


      Offline or manual marketing:

      Manual business marketing is the traditional business marketing. In this marketing, marketers manually work like talks with customers, Signboards, banners, and lift lets. Attend the local fairs, arrange campaigns, advertisements in local media and so on local activities.


      1. Talks with customers: Directly communicate with customers is a very effective way of local business marketing. Here marketer tries to attract customers by describing products quality, service, price, and especially. Though it's a very effective way, it needs huge manpower to attract huge customers.
      2. Signboards, banners, and lift lets: Signboards, banners and lift lets is another good way of local business marketing. You may take the advantages of this marketing way. Though it's a little bit expensive, It's very effective.
      3. Attend the local fairs: Local fairs the fairs of local humans. A huge number of peoples go fairs to buy their products. May give some discounts to attract customers and get instant sales in fair. Finally, fair is a great opportunity for your business publicity.
      4. Arrange campaigns: Arranging campaigns in another great way to your business marketing. Choosing correct locations is very important in this marketer way. In front of markets, schools or colleges and the places where gather in huge people.
      5. Sponsorship in the local concerts, tournaments or locations: Local concerts, tournaments (Football, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, hockey, volleyball etc. ) or local occasions are very important for local business marketing. A huge number of people attend on these occasions. If you get sponsorship of these occasions,  it's a great way of local publicity.
      6. Advertisements in local media: Advertisements in local media like local newspapers, local tv channels, radios or others local media is a good way of local business marketing. But it's important to properly plan your local advertisement program according to your budget and targeted audience.


      Online or internet marketing:

      A huge number of peoples are using online today. It's increasing day by day. The market of E-commerce business increases 23% day by day. So, it's important to take the advantages of online marketing. There are many effective ways of online marketing like social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest and so on ), SMS marketing, Email marketing, SEO, Advertisements networks and so on.

      1. Social media marketing: Millions of users using social media at every moment. It's an important media for local business marketing. Many businesses are using social media for your products marketing and generate huge sales. Why are you not? Open your social media account for your business; take marketing plan (you may hire social media experts) for more activity in more social accounts.
      2. SMS marketing: Almost every people use a mobile phone today. So, SMS marketing is a great marketing strategy. You can send your discount offers or new products news or greetings or offers on any social occasions to your existing customers. It's keeping a good relationship with customers as well as your effective products marketing.
      3. Email marketing: Email marketing is another popular business marketing strategy. E-commerce sites generate a huge number of sales using email marketing. You can collect local email addresses using email collecting software and can also market your products to your existing customer's email address.
      4. SEO: You can take the advantages of SEO if you have a website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can generate a huge number of targeted users. You can get huge sales from your well-ranked websites. Though SEO is a slow process, it may open a great opportunity of your bright business future.
      5. Submit your websites in business startups: Business startup sites are another opportunities to increase your business popularity. There are so many high authoritative sites in this category like g2crowd, CrunchBase and so on. To get high authoritative business start-up submission sites you can take the help of search engines.
      6. Submit your products in products review sites: Product review sites are another great one for your online marketing. Maximum customers see the product reviews before buying your products. Good customer’s reviews by your customer's influence new customers. Same as business start-ups, you take help of search engines to find great products review sites in your niche.
      7. Use press releasing site to release your business news: Press on news releases sites publish your business or product news in their huge number visitors. It not only increases your publicity but also increases your trustworthiness. Some great press releases sites are PRNewswire, mashable and so on.
      8. Submit coupon codes in high authoritative coupon codes sites: You may offer some discounts to get customers. A huge number of od businesses offer discounts by coupon codes to attract customers and for this, they get so many sales. Why you are not? Offer some discounts using coupon codes and submit your coupon codes on high authoritative coupon submission sites. So many peoples search coupon codes on these sites before buying their products or services.
      9. Create your own apps: Create your own apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Ubuntu and for all popular operating systems. Submit your apps in Google play store, apple app store, and other app submission sites according to operating systems. It opens great opportunities in online marketing.
      10. Create browser add-ons of plugins: Creating your browser add-ons or plugins opens connections between your business and online users. Every time they open their browser, they see your add-ons or plugins and it increases the probability to connect with your business.
      11. Advertisements: It's a very effective way of marketing to get instant results. There are many online adds networks such as Google add words,, Facebook adds, Instagram adds and so many. It's important to properly plan your adds program to get maximum sales with your minimum budget.


      The bottom line:

      Above these techniques are very effective for local business marketing. By following all of these your business sales growing first and I wish you able to take the top position in your market.