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    ICYMI:  Is Your Business’s Website Out of Date?

    Moderator Rebecca Guide

      Most every small business owner knows the importance of having a website for their business.  For many it's their main presence on the internet, and all forms of advertising and promotion from print to social media to word of mouth usually ends up with a prospective customer visiting their website first.  However, just like fashion trends, websites can go out of style quickly and should be updated frequently.


      As a small business owner, you must be as diligent about your website presence as you would be about monitoring the milk in your refrigerator at home for freshness.  In order to prevent your website from becoming a liability rather than an asset for your business, you'll need to review it - and update it - frequently.  The experts at Touchpoint have put a great article together discussing 7 areas that you can use to help you determine how and when it is time to update your website  Is Your Business’s Website Out of Date? 7 ways to know if it needs revamping.


      Have your reviewed your website lately?  Do you have additional recommendations or areas that you have found helpful.  We'd love to hear your input!




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          Moderator Cath Guide

          I totally agree with you, Rebecca.  For many people a web-page is the first introduction a shopper has to introduce him/herself to a new (to them) business or product.  I welcome a photo at the top of the page and then some sort of short introduction of the owners and even staff - and then photos and talk about what their business is all about.


          Several times recently I have gone to a new-to-me web-page and clicked on their Contact button with a question - left my question and name/email address/and or phone number - and never got a return call.  Why have a Contact button if it isn't going to be used?


          Another issue with me is if the web-page has a place to put information in and ask for an appointment - and no reply.


          A web-page is a very important part of a business BUT update it.  Let it work for you and it will!  One does not have to be a techie to keep up with the daily updates.