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    What Should be done to get your blog popular among your target audience.

    10seos Newbie

      Are there any tips to get your blog ranked higher in less time.

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          moderator_lisa Ranger

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            jbella Adventurer

            Have a good website that is SEO Optimized, a good website user interface, and lastly make sure that the landing page has a call-to-action.


            Also, make sure to create backlinks or have other blog or websites backlink to your blog. A good way to make backlinks is through where you can create websites there and backlink them to each other.

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              ritzparker Scout

              This is a very common question among all newbie bloggers.


              There are many things to do to make a blog really popular and successful and surely, that is not a one-day job. You need to have a long-term dedication, consistency, and patience before you start getting any success.


              I am listing a couple of things which you must follow from the beginning.


              • Have a domain name which looks professional and clean. Free blogging platforms are good to start but bad for branding.
              • Design a stunning website, which is user-friendly and mobile responsive. Take care of your website's design, colors, fonts, graphics, interactive buttons etc. from the beginning.
              • Start optimizing the contents properly and optimally. Doing this consistently over time will bring organic traffic to your blog.
              • Optimize the Onpage title, meta description, primary header, paragraph headers, content, images, contextual internal links etc. before you publish a content.
              • Check contents' grammar, punctuation and spelling errors before publishing it on your blog.
              • Start creating long-form contents, and try to answer as many questions as possible on the topic (of the content).
              • Build inbound links consistently and continuously.
              • Remember your great contents are the main source of acquiring backlinks. Therefore, focus on creating great contents instead of short-contents.
              • Diversify your backlink profile as much as possible. Don't focus too much on a single type of link and anchor text.
              • Promote the content shamelessly once it is published. It doesn't mean that you should start spamming the internet.
              • Make a list of websites where you want to promote your published blog post. All major social media websites, good bookmarking websites, content promotion websites can be used.
              • Comment on real good blog posts with an objective of building a relationship.
              • Pitch other blog owners and webmasters to write guest-posts for them. This will get targeted traffic to your blog, help in branding your blog, benefit your blog in organic ranking.
              • Start building email lists from the beginning. You may use online tools for capturing emails of your blog visitors.
              • Offer giveaways and other discounts on your website or blog. Promote those offerings on social media platforms to attract first-time visitors to your website.
              • Make yourself very much comfortable with different online productivity tools to analyze data, quality, and performance.
              • If you have a budget, you may also use Facebook marketing to promote your contents and blog.


              I hope these will help you initially, but above all, you have to come up with great contents consistently to make your blog successful.

              Additionally, you may also want to join a comprehensive digital marketing course to make yourself knowledgeable and your blog a real hit.

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                amandacross Newbie

                Well usually when you write an article about something for your site, and you refer to some sources, it is always better to quote it straight away or make a little bibliography in the end. For the last one, it will be useful to take a look at this read

                It was helpful to me

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                  harrys56431 Scout

                  I will recommend you to share posts regularly on your blog and posts should be optimized according to SEO. You have to follow proper guidelines for this and you will must get your desired position.