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    Cool weather is finally on the way

    Moderator Cath Guide

      At least we can begin to hope and plan for that.  Soon it will be holiday season - are you ready?  What are you and your staff doing to think ahead and plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas and other end of the year holidays?  Have you considered special days and in-house events for your customers?  And how about your employees?  Are they on your planning list? 


      Share your plans with the community.  And why not share some of your great holiday years?  We will be watching.....



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Here are tips that I’ve found to be helpful in getting ready for an enjoyable, meaningful holiday season.

          Set manageable expectations because the holiday season does not eliminate sadness or loneliness

          Acknowledge the past, but look toward the future

          Do something for someone else

          Enjoy a family holiday tradition

          Make some time for yourself

          Be Safe