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    Why Google Search Console Tool is So Very Important (and How to Use It)

    ritzparker Scout

      If you are new to Search Engine Optimization industry, then you must understand the importance and usefulness of Google Search Console (aka Google Webmaster Tool).

      This is one such tool which can tell you many things about your website, its errors Google is facing during its crawling and indexing processes, keywords' data, inbound link profile data, website usability data and many other things. These are not only important to know, but these are really crucial data which actually helps to take decisions about website's improvement processes and measures to take to improve its organic visibility on Google search engine.


      Google Search Console is a big tool with many sections and sub-sections and almost all those are important but few of those sections must be analyzed at least once in a day for the best results. Before you enter into the tool, you have to integrate your website with Google Search Console tool and then you can start getting the data.


      We created a 4,000 words' long content which will guide you properly about how to integrate your website with Google Search Console tool and how to understand and use its data to take better decisions for betterment of your website.


      After reading the post, please comment your questions below, and I will answer all your questions.