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    Why are people not buying things on my website? Also how would i get my website to a wider audience?

    rd082 Newbie

      I started a clothing brand about two years ago and i just created a website for it a few months ago. I have sold things but i would like to sell a higher volume. Is there any siggestions for my website ?

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi rd082!   You've asked a great question that a lot of e-commerce small business owners find themselves asking.  You know you have a good quality product, you've made some sales, but you'd like to learn how to sell more.


          Our Small Business experts in this community have put together some great articles that I think you will find very helpful.  Rieva Lesonsky shares her experience as CEO and Co-founder of GrowBiz Media, by providing the 10 essentials to e-commerce success and attracting new customers at Ten Top Hacks to Increase Sales on your E-commerce Website


          However, it's easy to focus your marketing efforts on attracting new customers, but you should never ignore your current customers.  Selling more to existing customers is not only a great way to grow your business thru repeat sales, but a satisfied repeat customer is sure to tell their friends and bring in additional business.   You can learn more from Rieva how to increase your existing business thru another great article of hers: 10 Easy Ways to Quickly Boost Sales


          We encourage you to read these articles, as well as search our site for other great articles that we hope will help you increase your sales and improve your website.  Please feel free to ask any questions that you have.  Our community is filled with very knowledgeable members who will be glad to assist you in your small business journey!




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            ritzparker Scout

            Hello rd082,


            This is a very common question which comes in mind of every small online business owners. First let me clear few things, I am not a sales expert and I am not running a huge business. I am an online marketer, an SEO specialist and associated with a small education company.

            Now I am coming to your question. As you told that you want to increase your sales numbers through your website, I have couple of suggestions for you. Some of these are free (but need expertise and patience) and few are paid.

            • First of all, have you done the proper SEO for your website? Only Google can send more than 65% traffic to your website if your website is well optimized. If you know SEO yourself, do it properly following the guidelines, or hire someone who is reliable. You can hire an SEO freelancer or a company as well. Hiring an SEO company will cost you more than a freelancer. Remember you must have SEO monitoring skills and understandings otherwise you may face difficulties in getting good results.
            • Second, are you using social media for promoting your products and services with relevant contents, imageries, info-graphics, podcasts etc.? If you are not start using these consistently. Don't expect immediate results out of these two. These will take time, your skills (or hired skills) and patience. But these two will get you the best results over time, especially the SEO.
            • Third, you can try Facebook and Google Ads (formerly AdWords) marketing. These are paid marketing but you will start getting results immediately after investing a decent amount depending on your products and demographics you are targeting.
            • Fourth, is your website well designed? Audit your website's design, user-experience, content quality & freshness and aesthetics of the site etc. Get help (if required) of a designer or UI/UX expert. This will surely increase the ROI (return on investment) of the site.
            • Fifth, start email marketing to your genuine subscribers. Blast promotional and informative emails to get more traffic to your website. This will surely increase the sales.

            I personally did these for my small Digital Marketing training business and got good results. But one thing I can say that you must be ready to learn new things to get the success.

            If you have any doubts or questions on the aforementioned points, fell free to ping me.

              Wish you all the best.





            P.S I have a good content for SEO (a checklist). You can use this to check whether your website optimization missed any part or not.

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              moderator_ani Tracker

              Very good suggestions, Ritz!


              rd082, I noticed that while you have a presence on Instagram, you are not active on twitter or facebook.


              twitter offers a great platform for Customer Service while facebook offers space to display and discuss your products.


              Are you planning to use them in the future? It could be of help!



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                jan oberpfalzer Newbie

                Hi rd082 your website is not well made and you dont have any backlinks for the site which is the biggest problem. I quickly checked you site with this test and its a lot of work on it. The second big problem is onpage SEO - page titles, metadescription of each site, missing H1, H2 titles of webpages and so on. Remember website is about text (and you have minimum text on website) Robots see just text not images and design. More text, more youe page will be visited for each keywords. Look on webpages of you competion how many text they got.


                You can check competitors backlinks here: Backlink Checker by Ahrefs: Check Backlinks for Any Website


                Check also this for keywords:



                See the test here:



                Dropbox - Screenshot 2018-10-18 10.12.49.png


                Here you can see how many words you have and which is minimum. Quality clothing shops have strong relevant text abou products, informations about products, printing, material, history of a brand etc. So add more text a lot more and made quality backlinks to your site. You can use for the start company directories and social profiles.


                I made my site myself and its going well. Check how many text have our site. Webdesign studio

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                  richard_vaskos Wayfarer

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