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    Introducing myself.

    xandy84@ Newbie

      I am new here. I am the owner of freight hauling and fleet repair company. I work on semi tractor trailer and also own a truck to hauling freight from the local port.

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi xandy84, welcome to the community, we're glad to have you here!  The trucking industry is an exciting and important part of almost every single thing that a consumer uses and needs.  We'd love to learn more about you and your business, the challenges and successes you've been thru, and look forward to hearing more about you.


          We hope you'll take a look around, jump into discussions wherever you feel comfortable.  We also have a great selection of expert articles and podcasts that we hope you'll find useful for your business.


          Feel free to ask any questions that you may have about your business, or this site, and one of our helpful community members will be glad to share their experience and advice.




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            dadvidjren Wayfarer

            ahaha. hello xandy84. I just come to community. Welcome