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    ICYMI: How to Identify Facebook Live Opportunities for Your Small Business

    Moderator Rebecca Guide

      Most small businesses are relying on social media more and more to increase their name recognition and promote their business.  One particularly effective technique can be maximizing Facebook online presence via the use of Facebook Live.


      Many small business owners avoid using live broadcasting due to a variety of reasons, ranging from concerns over time, effort and simple technical know how.  However, using it may not be as cumbersome as some might think, and Mari Smith, considered one of the world’s foremost experts on Facebook marketing and social media.can help!


      Be sure to read her latest article, How to Identify Facebook Live Opportunities for Your Small Business, to learn more about how to integrate Facebook Live into your marketing plans.  In this article she offers some great resources and tips on how to increase your sales, lead generation and revenue via this resource. 


      Have you used Facebook Live as part of your marketing plans for your Small Business?  We'd love to hear from our members about your experiences!