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    Expert Consultant!

    LUCKIEST Guide

      How do you demonstrate your expertise as a consultant or coach?

      How do you show you've really got the goods?

      Actually, the most effective way to communicate expertise is by crafting a success story.

      Good luck

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          moderator_ani Tracker

          Great Topic, Luckiest!


          I think it is vital that you create your own niche and dive deep into it, work on creating your company's brand so that it stands out and people notice it. A target market will help you focus on a select few and you will be able to service your customers in a way that they are comfortable with.



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            Moderator Cath Guide

            To add to your thread, Luckiest, I will add:

            -positive referrals from happy clients

            -people seeing some of your past work and contacting you


            Visibility of your work and returning customers are great ways to get the news about you and your product (your work).  I would add to this, what are you doing to create returning accounts?