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    Personal Branding

    LUCKIEST Guide

      What is personal branding?? And how does personal branding give you a career advantage??

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          moderator_lisa Ranger

          Interesting questions, Luckiest. For me, personal branding is the way I align my personal philosophy with my professional image. Personal branding starts with the mission statement, business plan, and website, and carries through to customer service and closing. Other aspects of personal branding may include a specific color scheme, graphic design element, or style of communication. As for the advantage, I think that having an authentic standard of practice that carries through all aspects of your professional and personal life helps to create a sense of familiarity, trust, and integrity customers rely on in today's business world.

          I'm looking forward to hear what our other members have to say on this topic.



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            moderator_ani Tracker

            Indeed, an interesting topic!


            To me, Professional branding would mean methods by which one can create a  identity, offer something to clients which is unique.


            Say, for a Dance teacher, a cleverly crafted acronym like ABCD - Any Body Can Dance will instantly set them apart from the others. The tagline would instantly identify them and their work.