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    Honoring Our Employees

    Moderator Cath Guide

      We spend effort and often money, highlighting our customers with special days and perks.  But I would like to hear the ways you honor your employees.  They are the backbone and face of your company and the ones who greet and assist your customers.  Without them and their pride in your company, where would you be?


      Many businesses have an Employee of the Month.  What is done, besides mentioning their name?  Won't you share how you and your business recognizes these loyal people?  What perks are given, if any?


      If your business is not honoring these special folks, it is not too late!  Begin today!



        • Re: Honoring Our Employees
          moderator_lisa Ranger

          I love this question. I think the answer can be as simple as treating the staff to a meal after a particularly successful project closes, or even surprising your employees with a gift card to a favorite retail establishment out of the blue. If you have a company newsletter, mention milestones or important dates and employees by name. Make it a common practice to get to know your employees; organize a company picnic so your employees know each other in a fun, non-work environment. Foster an environment of mutual support to encourage teamwork on a company wide basis.


          Who else has suggestions? Please share!