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    The Secret of Successful Websites' Redesigns for Your Business

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      The website is an extension of a business and for many customers, it is the very first contact between them and some company or organization. In the world governed by the internet and technology, having an easy to use and the beautifully designed website is vital to business success and effective marketing.

      A regular redesign enables you to keep up with the latest standards; it’s more than updating the look and as you already know the functionality is what matters the most. The successful redesign is all about thorough planning and making wise decisions, but sometimes we just need more ideas to get inspired. What is the secret of a successful redesign? Scroll down for practical ideas and motivation boost you need.

      Reasons to redesign your website

      Even though we’re perfectly aware that website redesign is necessary, there comes the time when we think there’s nothing wrong with the site just the way it is now. At that moment, you postpone redesign and then you do it again. We’ve all done it on one occasion or another. How to break this circle? You just need good reasons for a redesign, something you can’t dismiss. Here are some examples why you should start the redesign endeavor now:

      - Current design is difficult to navigate

      - Current third-party tools are outdated

      - It doesn’t reflect current marketing/business strategy

      - Other companies changed their website too

      - The purpose of the website changed

      - The website isn’t functional anymore

      - You are planning to make big changes in your content marketing strategy

      - You aren’t getting results you want i.e. current design doesn’t contribute to building a customer base

      - Your website isn’t user-friendly

      Successful website redesign

      Website redesign is an important part of a business strategy. As the business approach and marketing methods change, the website’s design has to match in order to provide the exceptional user experience. Successful completion of redesign depends on three important steps: clarify, focus, and design.


      The first and the most important to do is taking some time to think about the message you want to convey. What is the message I want to send to website visitors?” - says Arturo J. Oldham, senior website designer at essay writing service He continues: “Don’t rush; think carefully and write down your answer or more of them. Keep in mind that message isn’t the same as services. Once you answer this question, you’ll find it easier to create a perfect outline for website design.“


      When there is a message that you want to send to website visitors, it’s time to think of different ways to communicate that message effectively. This stage is all about planning and identifying an essential component of your message. Focus on the most important aspects and make a list of different ways to implement them into the new website design.


      Now that you have identified message you want to send to the website visitors and strategies to get it done, it’s time to start the final stage – design. The primary goal here is to make sure that visitors easily find what they’re looking for. They shouldn’t spend a lot of time on finding and clicking the content they want to read. Don’t focus on one design option, try out different things and strategies to determine what works best.

      Other things to remember

      For more effective redesign consider tips and tricks below:

      - Analyze your customers and competitors

      - Build for successful SEO and lead generation

      - Evaluate all the problems with the current website and work to address them with the new design

      - Have strong visual elements and graphics

      - Identify the current website’s strengths or assets and make sure the new redesign protects them

      - Integrate social media presence

      - It’s not just about making the website look pretty, it has to be functional and easy to navigate

      - Make sure the website is mobile-friendly

      Website redesign stats to bear in mind

      - 48 percent of users explain if they open a business website that doesn’t work on mobile, they take it as a sign that the company doesn’t care

      - 52.7 percent of global internet users access the internet via mobile, in the US 75.1 percent internet users use their phones to check content online

      - A single delay in website loading time reduces conversion by seven percent and 40 percent of web users abandon a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load

      - Video persuades about 73 percent of people to buy a product/service

      - Users form an opinion in .05 seconds once the website loads

      - 39 percent of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or they take too long to load

      - 51 percent of people think complete contact information is the most important element missing from companies’ websites

      - 38 percent of people stop engaging with a website if they consider the layout unattractive

      Bottom line

      Website redesign is an important aspect of a company’s digital marketing strategy. As trends change and technology evolves, the website has to be able to keep up with them. The secret to successful redesign is identifying the message you want to send to visitors and creating a strategy to make it happen. It’s useful to keep in mind that ease of use is a priority.